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Our programs are designed to enhance your curriculum & go hand-in-hand with the NC Essential Standards for Science.



During an in-school field trip, students are given the opportunity to use the tools as a working scientist would use such as magnifying glasses, thermometers, graduated cylinders, scales & balances & more. Students are able to use these tools when experimenting to classify, measure, compare & hypothesize their observations. Access to these tools takes students beyond gathering data & helps to extend their senses.


High Touch High Tech of Charlotte delivers 90-minute in-school science field trips that will transform your classroom into a Living Laboratory! Elementary students in grades K-5th can roll up their sleeves to become REAL scientists performing REAL experiments! With scientists that are highly trained, we can provide high quality classroom instruction and thought-provoking science experiences. We use materials that are concrete, safe and relevant to children's lives. Students can duplicate many of these experiments at home with their parents. Our programs are aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards for Science (N.C.E.S) and help build a student's confidence for standardized testing.

Programs by Grade:

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4th Grade
5th Grade

The following programs demonstrate how the contributions of scientists have made a major impact on society. 
Global Fever©
Discover the effects of global warming! Have FUN as we explore clean and renewable energy.
Go Girl©
Join us as we honor the contributions of women in science.
Inventor's Closet©
Step into the world of really cool inventors, including: Avogadro, Gertrude Elian, and Walter Frederick to name a few!
The Real McCoy©
Join us on a fun filled adventure as we discover several very famous African American scientists and learn about their incredible contributions to science! 

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A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment

Pricing & Reservations


90-Minute In-Class Field Trip:

$7.50 per student: $150.00/program minimum
*Please Note: A $10.00 Travel Fee Will Apply

Reservations are required. Programs may be reserved by using our online reservation form, by calling our office at 800.444.4968 or via email to info@ScienceMadeFun.net.
When booking your program, please have the following information available:
* Name of School
* Program(s) you have chosen
* Dates with alternates
* Grade
* Number of classes
* Approx. Number of students per class

A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment

What People Are Saying About High Touch High Tech Programs:

"The kids really enjoyed the program! They love the hands-on activities that bring the science to life!"

Stephanie Parker, 2nd Grade Teacher
New Hope Elementary School
Gastonia, NC



"The students were both engaged and interested in the lesson being taught. They made connections to what they have learned in science. Students asked questions, made predictions and enjoyed the interactive lesson."

Katherine Kil, Kindergarten Teacher
Ballantyne Elementary School
Charlotte, NC

Give us a try, You're Going To Love Our Programs! We Look Forward To Visiting Your Classroom Soon!

High Touch High Tech is.....Science Made FUN!


A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
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